cropped-louro_8207-print-file2.jpgMichele L. Louro is a Full Professor of History at Salem State University. She received her Ph.D. from Temple University and is broadly trained in the fields of modern South Asian history, British imperial history, and international and transnational history. Her first book, Comrades against Imperialism: Nehru, India and Interwar Internationalism (Cambridge University Press, 2018), is set between the world wars and recovers the debates, introduces the personalities, and reveals the ideas that seeded Jawaharlal Nehru’s political vision for India and the wider world. Louro is author to essays on this topic that appear in several journals including the Journal of Contemporary History (forthcoming), Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East (2013), and Third Frame: Literature, Culture and Society (2009), as well as an essay in the edited volume, The Internationalist Moment: South Asia, Worlds and Worldviews (2014).

Her second book is a co-edited volume, League against Imperialism: Lives and Afterlives (Chicago University Press and Leiden University Press, 2020), which recovers the history of the League against Imperialism, a rarely studied yet tremendously important institution that coordinated a global response to imperialist and capitalist hegemony of the early twentieth century.

At Salem State University, Louro teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on modern South Asia, the British Empire, and world history. She is currently the President of the Society for Advancing the History of South Asia.

Louro is working on two new projects. She is writing a transnational history of Agnes Smedley and beginning a new research project on the Meerut Conspiracy Case in India, 1929-1934. The research on the Meerut Conspiracy Case is funded by the U.S. Fulbright program and the American Institute of Indian Studies.